The Impactoverse


While there is progress in addressing global humanitarian and planetary  needs, the world still faces serious social and environmental challenges. The digital divide persists. The new Web3 space is moving fast and we don’t want to see Impact Initiatives, both for and non-profit left behind. We are committed to expansive inclusion of underrepresented groups in this new evolution of business and philanthropy. 


Impactoverse exists to bridge the digital divide and increase access to new funding options for vetted Impact Initiatives and their stakeholders so that they may scale their impact in ways not possible or easily accessible in the past. 


To create the world’s first Web3 ecosystem combining edu-tec, with influence, tech trends and real value to eradicate exclusion, bridge the digital divide and scale vetted SDG impact like never before. 


To make emerging tech accessible through ongoing support, education and continual action for vetted social and environmental impact outcomes.


We’ve spent years working across industries and sectors- non profit, for profit, for benefit, private, third, public and have personally seen budgets of hundreds of millions allocated to impact initiatives aiming to solve numerous problems, in various parts of the world. We’ve grown frustrated, and disillusioned. Despite money pouring into solutions and efforts, we are still in a position where the world’s most pressing problems remain, and frankly, we’ve had enough. We’ve grown tired of seeing wasted resource as the wheel is continually reinvented, tired of seeing great initiatives fail because they don’t have the support they need to evidence the impact they have or can have, tired of great reports, (rather than impact), getting funding over and above real impact or measurable results, tired of solutions not being scaled, and we’re tired of seeing trillions spent and EVERYONE talking about funding, sustainability, net zero, carbon offsetting and all the other buzz words without any significant movement in a strategic, coordinated and meaningful way.

Yes we can set targets as all countries are now doing, and it is said that it will take approximately $2.5 trillion per year if we want to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030, but we could spend 10x that and not reach them if we continue to work in the way that we have done. We still won’t stand a chance if money is thrown at impact without adequate benchmarks, management and measurement, without learning from what and who has come before, and without a view of on how we strategically move forward in a coordinated way that helps us to amplify impact through collaboration, scaling solutions and matching funds to validated impact in a meritocratic way.

The Impactoverse aims to leverage technology to provide a solution that incentivises partnerships, offers the benefit of a collective body of knowledge, allows for scaling of solutions, removes funding bias and matches funding to vetted impact. We are thinking bigger and bolder with the aim of working together to make the dream of a better world, a reality.

We invite you to join us!


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Meet Noleen Mariappen

Of Indian ancestry, born in South Africa, during the apartheid regime, I’ve been driven by a desire to make the world a better place for as long as I can remember. I recall having to submit a poem for a poetry competition when I was 9 years old, and while everyone else wrote about playtime and best friends, my poem was about the plight of a homeless person. Perhaps it came from experiencing the tough times and knowing that there were others who had it so much tougher, I always felt a need to help others, and improve circumstances. I initially wanted to be field journalist, with the intention of sharing the the stories of others so that the world might pay attention and help.
 I soon realised that I didn’t have the stomach to bear the horrors and neither did I have the personality that could stand back and do nothing. I changed paths and moved into the arena of business, specifically organizational development and psychology. 
Business came naturally to me and while management consultancy was a great option, the inner push to do more good steered me in the direction of working for non-profit projects. I quickly realised that the space in which I could have the most impact was in the world of business, for impact. I started consulting in this area, supporting with strategies and implementation for impact through the years, working across industries and sectors. Based in the UK, I work internationally, though predominantly across Europe, the US and Africa.
I then went on to set up a social enterprise, working toward supporting non profits in a more strategic and sustainable way and hold a number of advisory positions with impact enterprises and non-profits.  I have seen first hand the great strides made, but also how emerging technologies, resources and trends leave not just populations behind, but also those who are capable of supporting and facilitating sustainable development. 
The digital divide is increasing and the more that this continues, the more I believe that we lose the ability to harness the power of collaboration, with technology as a facilitator, to build and scale impact in a way that can truly move the needle on social and environmental challenges. 

Aligned in vision? Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.
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Meet Kala Philo 

My interest in Impact started way back when in the late 1980s after seeing an article in the LA Times about Muhammad Yunus’ fledgling Grameen Bank. From that time on, I began to look for ways to leverage my marketing background to source and start Impact projects.

I was active in Austin and Northern California, starting social business groups, working with opportunity access projects for women, minorities, and underserved community financing ventures.
Alongside this passion, I’ve also always been fascinated with using internet technology to scale Impact, working in web design in the early days (HTML 1.0 anyone?) and later as a videographer, editor, video producer and online marketing consultant. 
I met Noleen in a virtual accelerator for female entrepreneurs in 2016. Over the years we kept in touch. In late 2021, Noleen saw the posts on Linkedin from my new blog Web3-4Us, at the same time she was thinking about a new venture focused on impact. We had a call and the rest, as they say, is history…in the making. 
Launching Impactoverse feels a bit like coming home just in time to jump off the cliff again. 
I’m thrilled beyond words to be working with someone of Noleen’s integrity and caliber, on a project with so much space to create and scale IMPACT! 
In 2015 I left the nest really empty, embracing a remote work lifestyle years before COVID-19. After five years in Mexico, I speak Spanish with a Mexico City attitude, both of which serve me well when I stay in my other favorite places, New York City and Houston. I recharge my creativity in the mountains of Western Montana.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.