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An Ecosystem for Impact

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An Ecosystem for Impact

Future proofing the planet.


What Is the Impactoverse?

Led by two female founders, impactoverse is a next-gen impact Marketing Ecosystem synergizing Web2 and 3 for measurable results.

We help creators, brands, influencers, and vetted
causes collaborate to drive engagement, scale
impact, and build brand community.

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What Is the Impactoverse?

Led by two female founders, The Impactoverse is a sustainability and impact evolution ecosystem. What does that mean?

Not only do we launch IOV-powered impact initiatives like PetDropsNFT , we also help social entrepreneurs, B corps, and SMBs use Web3 tools and strategies to scale results, grow revenue, and improve customer retention and relationships.

Blending best practices from traditional B2C marketing with emerging Web3 tools and strategies, sustainable brands may optimize customer lifetime value and deepen brand loyalty in new ways.

You can also build community directly with your most valuable customers and followers. Equally exciting is the potential to decrease reliance on platforms like Facebook, IG, and Google for access to your best fans and community.

Interested in learning more about emerging NFT Promotional Models for SMBs, Sustainable Brands, and B Corp Marketing? Sign up below to receive our special report.

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What Does Impactoverse Do?

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Implementation for Impact

We help companies, in-house marketing teams, and outsourced creative agencies with information, strategy, facilitation, and collaborative connections for marketing campaigns with Web3 components.

We highlight experts and Web3 projects creating bridges from Web2 to inspire sustainable brands and their partners to create engaging, low-friction experiences for their customers.

The Fall 2022 Impactoverse platform launch will add tools like tokenization, NFT minting, exchange, and marketplace hosting for campaigns. Our founders spent weeks researching sustainability tradeoffs before choosing a blockchain for the IOV ecosystem.

Our developers are building the Impactoverse Web3 toolbox on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is funded by a DAO and led by CEO and co-founder Kathleen Breitman. The blockchain is built to scale with institutional-grade security, energy efficiency, and strong community governance.


We also launch home-grown projects for impact. We are very excited to announce our first edu-tech impact project, PetDropsNFT!

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Coming this October - our first STEM Edu-tech collab with the Girls School of Austin!

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Introducing PetDrops, our first NFT for impact project! With PetDrops, pet-lovers can:

• Immortalize their pet on the blockchain with an art NFT

• Meet other pet owners and artists who care about animals, too!

• Learn about NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrency in a fun, safe, low-risk way

• Raise money to help NPOS who help animals in need

• Gift Pet-themed art NFTs to family and friends that also helps animals in need!

Global Collaborations for Impact
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From the consumer viewpoint, the line between “traditional” and “benefit” corporations is blurring. Companies pledging to “do no harm” is not enough. A striking 77% of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place.* Globally, 60% of consumers say brand sustainability is an important purchase consideration. In the US, the number is 61%.**

Your audience wants to see fresh collaborations for impact, yet they are more of greenwashing than ever. Through our global network and growing community, we provide opportunities for B-corps and SMBs to partner with vetted NPO/NGO projects and talented artists from underserved global communities.

* (2019 AFLAC CSR Survey)
**Global Sustainability Study 2021, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Collaborations & Resources

Are you an investor interested in learning more about collaborations with vetted impact projects?

Are you an NPO, NGO, or other impact stakeholder looking for access to support, partnerships, or funding?

Check out our additional resources just FOR YOU.

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