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Information, Strategy, and Implementation for Impact

We help companies, in-house marketing teams, and outsourced creative agencies with Web3 information, strategy, facilitation, and collaborative connections. Our early Fall 2022 IOV platform launch will add tools like tokenization, NFT minting, exchange, and marketplace hosting for campaigns.

We highlight experts and projects bridging the space between Web2 and Web3 to inspire impact stakeholders to create engaging, low-friction experiences for their customers.

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Global Collaborations for Impact
For today’s consumers, companies pledging to “do no harm” is not enough. A striking 77% are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place.* Globally, 60% of consumers say brand sustainability is an important purchase consideration. In the US, the number is 61 percent.**

From the consumer viewpoint, the line between “traditional” and “benefit” corporations is blurring.

Consumers want to see fresh collaborations for impact, yet they are more aware of greenwashing than ever. Through our global network and growing community, we provide opportunities for B-corps and SMBs to partner with vetted NPO / NGO projects as well as talented artists and other creatives from underserved global communities.
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Our founders spent weeks researching sustainability tradeoffs before choosing a blockchain for the IOV ecosystem. Our developers are building the Impactoverse Web3 toolbox on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is funded by a DAO and led by CEO and co-founder Kathleen Breitman. The blockchain is built to scale with institutional-grade security, energy efficiency, and strong community governance.

* (2019 AFLAC CSR Survey) *
* Global Sustainability Study 2021, Simon-Kucher & Partners